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Got7 Bambam 2nd Mini Album [B], Sealed, Photobook+photocard

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- Out Box : 180*180*42mm / 1ea, Vary by Version
- Photo Book : 170*170*10mm / 1ea / 100p, 
Vary by Version
- Contents Box : 170*170*20mm / 1ea, 
Vary by Version
- Envelope & CD-R : 127*127mm / 1ea, 
Vary by Version
- Lyrics Calendar Card : 167*167mm / 13ea (1set), 
Vary by Version
- Folding Mini Photo Book : 835*167mm / 1ea, 
Vary by Version
- Lenticular Photo Card : 55*85mm / Random 1 out of 5ea, 
Vary by Version
- Folding Poster : *334*501mm / 1ea, 
Vary by Version
- Tattoo Sticker : 167*167mm / 1ea, 
Vary by Version

These are coming from fansigns!! Do expect a long wait. I am only sending to US residents. Do not message if I ship to your country. Shipping via media mails through plastic shipping bag and bubble wrap.